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JYSK celebrates employees with parties

Date: 05/12/2023

Author: Laura Glintborg Mouritsen, Communications Intern

Category: Awards

During autumn, JYSK has invited employees worldwide to annual parties for a time of festivities. Store employees, administration, and distribution centres were gathered to socialise and celebrate last year’s achievements. 

JYSK carries on the tradition of inviting all employees to annual parties locally in all the JYSK countries. The events brought together colleagues from stores, administration, and distribution centres for a time of celebration, where outstanding achievements were recognized with awards like ‘Best leader in DC’, 'Store of the year' and 'Seller of the year.'

Explore all the festivities below


JYSK Austria
JYSK Austria invited employees to the annual party in Vienna, with the theme 'Rock of the alps'

Czech Republic

Employees celebrated 20 years of JYSK in Czech Republic.
More than 600 employees gathered in Prague to celebrate 20 years of JYSK in Czech Republic.


More than 2,000 people attended the annual JYSK Awards in Odense to celebrate last year's achievements.


On 14 October, 600 employees from JYSK Finland attended the annual JYSK party.


Germany Stuttgart party
JYSK Germany celebrated in Stuttgart.
JYSK in Hannover Germany
 JYSK Germany celebrated  in Hannover.


JYSK employees in Hungary
On 23 October, JYSK Hungary celebrated the past financial year and the excellent performance of the employees at JYSK Awards.


JYSK Norway celebrated this year's store in the country.
Employees applaud this year's winner store in JYSK Norway.


Poland kicks of financial year with party
Nearly 500 employees from Poland took part in the annual kickoff event.


JYSK Romania celebrates employees with party
More than 1,000 JYSK employees from Romania participated in the JYSK Annual Party held in Bucharest.


JYSK Slovakia celebrated 20 years of JYSK
JYSK Slovakia celebrated 20 years anniversary in JYSK.

spain & Portugal

Spain and Portugal parties
5 November, more than 1,000 colleagues from Spain and Portugal attended JYSK Awards ceremony.


JYSK Sweden celebrates employees
JYSK Sweden celebrated employees' accomplishments at the annual party.

West Balkan

JYSK employees from Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Serbia gathered, in the beautiful city of Opatija, to celebrate last year's achievements in JYSK West Balkan. 

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