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JYSK builds 10th distribution centre

Date: 07/07/2021

Author: Anders Græsbøll Buch, Communications Consultant, JYSK

Category: Logistics

This is where the distribution centre in Lelystad will be build.

In Spring 2022, JYSK will begin construction of a new distribution centre in Lelystad, Netherlands. The distribution centre will be number 10 in JYSK and should be operational in 2024.

Facts about DC10

  • The new distribution centre in Lelystad will deliver products to JYSK stores and customers in the Netherlands, Belgium, United Kingdom and Ireland.
  • On top of offering faster and better delivery service, it is also good for the environment, as approximately 6 million trucking kilometres a year will be saved.
  • The new distribution centre will create more than 350 new jobs, once it is fully operational.
  • JYSK expects to begin the construction in Spring 2022 and wants to take the distribution centre into use no later than mid-2024.

Even while JYSK is still busy establishing the company’s 9th European distribution centre in Ecser, Hungary, JYSK has been working hard to find the perfect location for distribution centre number 10.

That work has now been finalised, and on 4 June, JYSK signed the contract for a 25-hectare plot in Lelystad, Netherlands. This will be the location for a brand new distribution centre, which will require an investment of about 200 million EUR before it is operational in 2024.

“We are really happy with the location in Lelystad. It is very close to the harbour of Flevokust, which is a logistics hub in the Netherlands, making it easy to transport our products to and from the distribution centre,” explains Executive Vice President Logistics in JYSK, Allan K. Kjærgaard.

See 360 degrees videos below:

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