JYSK becomes new sponsor of Hungarian Handball Federation

Date: 04/10/2017

Author: Rune Jungberg Pedersen, Communications & CSR Director

Category: CSR

Hungary Handball Federation
Sándor Szimeiszter (left) and András Novák.

JYSK and the Hungarian Handball Federation have announced a new cooperation making JYSK one of the main sponsors of Hungarian handball.

Broad smiles were all around when Country Manager of JYSK in Hungary, Sándor Szimeiszter, and secretary general of the Hungarian Handball Federation, András Novák, presented their plans for a new cooperation between the two parties, making JYSK one of the main sponsors of Hungarian handball.

JYSK and the Hungarian Handball Federation has signed a two-year agreement, which means that JYSK will support both the male and female national teams as well as improve conditions for the rising number of children playing handball.

“Handball is important for a lot of people, and JYSK wants to support and promote the healthy values which are the foundation of the sport. Not only on a professional level but also for the thousands of children in Hungary who play handball every day,” says Sándor Szimeiszter.

He perceives the sponsorship as a natural part of JYSK's development in Hungary.

JYSK Hungary

  • JYSK opened the first store in Hungary, in Budapest, in 2005.
  • Today, JYSK has 76 stores and more than 600 employees in Hungary.

“The first JYSK store opened in Hungary in 2005, and since then JYSK has become a part of many people’s lives as they have JYSK products in their homes. JYSK wants to develop our position in Hungary, and we believe that our cooperation with the Hungarian Handball Federation will help us to become even more familiar with the consumers,” says Sándor Szimeiszter.

A meaningful sponsorship

Secretary general of the Hungarian Handball Federation, András Novák, is also very happy with the new cooperation.

“The contract means a lot to our sport, especially to the national teams, the background and the younger players. Just like our partner, Hungarian handball is also on its developing way, since more than 66,000 players are registered in our system, though we had approximately only 25,000 athletes five years ago. We are thinking in a long-term cooperation with JYSK, which means a minimum of 2 years,” says András Novák.

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