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Great teamwork behind world’s biggest 3.0 store

Date: 04/11/2020

Author: Anders Græsbøll Buch, Communications Consultant, JYSK

Category: Franchise

On 15 October 2020, the world’s biggest 3.0 JYSK store opened in Riga, Latvia, with 2,700 square metres of sales area. The extraordinary store was realised after a great team effort from departments in both JYSK and JYSK Franchise.

Normally, Store Design Coordinator Jeanette Juul Verdelin has a pretty good idea of how to design a JYSK store. Most of them are around 950-1,200 square metres, and Jeanette has designed thousands of them. But what to do when the store is 2,700 square metres?

This was the case with the brand new JYSK store in a just-opened shopping centre in Riga, Latvia, , which opened just in front of a Swedish competitor on 15 October 2020. 2,700 square metres of sales area is a record and the biggest 3.0 store in the whole world.

“It was a funny and different task. It was a challenge to fit all the wanted store fixtures within such a big sales area. Despite of that the store is still in line with the JYSK concept and guidelines,” says Jeanette, who has been with JYSK for almost 10 years.

Great teamworkRiga

The store was designed by Jeanette in cooperation with Line Mortensen, Franchise Field Manager, and of course in close collaboration with the Franchise office in Latvia. There were many questions to solve – how to make use of the extra space compared to a regular JYSK store in the best possible way?

For instance, there is double as many check-outs as in a regular store. There is also around 48 mattresses in the studio instead of the usual 24, and in the world’s biggest 3.0 store, there is also room for extra dedicated display areas, where T-walls create inspiring small room settings.

“We are only able to tell the differences from a regular 3.0 store in Denmark because we are skilled specialists, who know the concept by heart. The idea is that it should be the same experience walking in to a JYSK store no matter where in the world you are. The difference here is for sure the amount of inventory and the huge 4 meter wide powerline main aisle with more than 10 times the amount of exposure as a regular store,” says Jeanette.

World’s biggest by coincidence

It was actually more by accident than intention that the store ended up as the biggest in the world, according to Chief Operating Officer in JYSK Baltic and Belarus, Artūrs Vikmanis.

“It is a great honour for us to have such a store. We had a lot of discussions internally about having it that big, but my impression is very positive and it has given our customers a great shopping experience. Our employees are also proud to work in a store with the new concept,” says Artūrs.

In Latvia, 10 more stores with the 3.0 concept are in the pipeline. If an extraordinary project is under way, the whole JYSK organisation will of course again be ready to make it happen.


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