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Bulgarian singer Poli Genova filmed a music video in Distribution Center Bozhurishte

Bulgarian singer Poli Genova records music video in Bozhurishte

Date: 21/08/2020

Author: Raluca Dascălu, Communications Manager, JYSK Romania

Category: Logistics

For one day, the area outside the Bozhurishte Distribution Center (DCB) became the stage of a colourful music video. Bulgarian singer Poli Genova and her ten dancers put on a great show on the premises of the most modern logistics facility in Bulgaria for the newest video released by the pop singer.

The author of the Eurovision hits “Na inat” and “If Love Was a Crime” decided to shoot the video of her new song, “How We End Up”, on the premises of JYSK Distribution Centre in Bozhurishte, Bulgaria.

Poli Genova at DCB
Bulgarian Singer Poli Genova on the stage at DCB.

Poli said that the idea for the location came from the director Evgeni Todorov.

The filming crew shared with that they were impressed by the scale of the distribution centre from the beginning of the construction process and that they have been thinking for a long time about shooting a video on the premises. In their opinion, the 42.5 metre high bays are impressive and they were looking forward to a possibility to film something on their background.

Poli Genova at DCB
The DCB offered an interesting background for the ten dancers dressed in a colourful outfit.

In the music video, Poli showcases a great choreography together with ten dancers in open air in the area next to one of DCB high bays.

The crew contacted our colleagues from Technical and HR teams of DCB in order to discuss their idea of shooting the video here. Poli and the team were really impressed by the architecture, the scale and they were grateful for the friendly and helpful approach of all colleagues in JYSK DCB.

Maya Petrova, HR Business Partner in DCB, shared that she was really excited when she learned that Poli Genova wants to film a video at her workplace.

“I met Poli in person in one of the breaks of the filming and I talked to her briefly. She seems a positive and down-to-earth person. I think Poli is a real professional who truly enjoys making music and sharing her positive attitude with the audience”, Maya says.

Poli Genova at DCB
Maya Petrova (left) with Poli Genova and colleagues from DCB.

Maya also explained that the video filming was quite intense and lasted for a whole day.

“I think the team had a really demanding time rehearsing and filming in the heat and sun for many hours on end. But the efforts had a great result – I saw the video and I really liked it. My favourite song by Poli is called "If Love Was a Crime". It is a very powerful song with great sound and positive message,” says Maya.

The DCB teams were also excited by the news. Some colleagues even had the chance to have a short chat and take a picture with the singer.

You can listen to Poli Genova's new song here.

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