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Българският министър-председател посещава Божурище

Bulgarian Prime Minister visits Bozhurishte

Date: 11/07/2019

Author: Raluca Dascălu, Communications and PR Manager

Category: Logistics

Bulgarian Prime Minister, Boyko Borissov, visited the Distribution Center in Bozhurishte to see the investment project that made JYSK Investor of the Year in Bulgaria and to meet the employees.

The Prime Minister was accompanied by Deputy Prime Minister Tomislav Donchev, Minister of Finance Vladislav Goranov and Deputy Minister of Regional Development and Public Works Nikolay Nankov. Their visit, which was announced just one day before it happened, was a nice surprise for the colleagues in Bozhurishte.


Bulgarian Prime Minister visits Bozhurishte
Bulgarian Prime Minister, Boyko Borissov, driving a forklift together with Iliana Tsanova, Warehouse Worker.

„It was very exciting and an honor for us to receive a visit from the Prime Minister”, says Jan Oliver-Schmidt, Logistics Manager DCB, who was the first to receive Boyko Borissov and discuss with him.

With the help of Iliana Tsanova, Warehouse Worker in the Outbound department, who works for the Internal transport subdepartment, the Prime Minister visited the warehouse and drove a forklift. He asked her about her job and how she uses the monitor on the forklift. He also talked with Georgi Popchev, Technical Manager in DCB, who explained to the Prime Minister how we work with pallets.

„If you look down here from an airplane you can see a full city. I remember the times when there was nothing here, just fields. We used to come with our bikes and play in the area. If we keep this rythm, in two years there will be no more free space for new constructions”, said Prime Minister Boykos Borissov, who was very pleased that, after the construction of Bozhurishte Distribution Center started, more investors came into the area.

The other members of his team were impressed by the fact that Bozhurishte has the latest equipment, technologies and facilities. After seeing the warehouse he also visited the administration building to meet and talk with other employees.


Bulgarian Prime Minister visits Bozurishte
The Bulgarian Prime Minister took photos with our colleagues.

Cveta Coneva, Customer Service Manager JYSK Bulgaria, was happy that she had the chance to talk with the Prime Minister.

“It was a sudden decision from his side to visit the Industrial zone in Bozhurishte and see what’s happening and developing. I was on the second shift and came at work around 10 – I saw some policemen, some cameramen and a hustle around the building (I thought an incident had happened). Then we were informed that the Prime Minister is coming on an unofficial quick visit. We stayed for a while and waited for him on the terrace, so when he arrived he saw us up there and waved at us”, says Cveta, who in that moment invited the Prime Minister to their offices to see how they work.

Cveta says that everyone was eager to meet him, shake hands with him and take pictures. He took photos with the colleagues from the Accountancy and Sales and Expansion department.

Dilyana Pchelova, Sales and Marketing Assistant, took a photo with the Prime Minister, just like other colleagues did. “We didn’t know we’re expecting guests. It was interesting to have our workplace inspected by such important visitors. Our work process was interrupted, but it gave us something to talk about for the entire day”, remembers Dilyana.

Bulgarian Prime Minister visits Bozurishte
Prime Minister of Bulgaria, Boyko Borissov, and Cveta Coneva, Customer Service Manager JYSK Bulgaria.

Then he met Cveta, asked her where she is from, how it is to work at JYSK, and talked to her about the JYSK stores in Bulgaria and about future openings.

“He smiled and said that I’m a very good ambassador for JYSK and I’m promoting the brand very well, so he also looked at Jan Oliver Shmidt and said I’m so talkative – I responded that this is my job – to work and talk with customers, because I’m a Customer Service Manager. He visited the warehouse and saw how the processes there are going, he even drove one of the electric cars in the warehouse. He was very satisfied with what he saw and the news about the visit were on the first pages of all the big newspapers, TV programmes and online articles”, remembers Cveta.  

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