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Team store 50 outside the store

Belgium reaches milestone of 50 stores

Date: 06/10/2022

Author: Lisette Købsted-Nielsen, Communications Intern

In April 2017, JYSK opened its first two stores in Belgium with a goal of reaching 50 stores. Just five years later, it is time to set a new goal as store number 50 has now opened in the city of Bilzen.

Store Manager hands out Goodie bag
Store Manager Binas hands out goodie bags to employees to thank them for their efforts in getting the store ready.

On 28 September, JYSK Belgium reached a milestone as ribbon number 50 was cut in Bilzen, Belgium.

Binas van der Meijden started as a Store Manager Trainee in March 2020. Now, she has completed her training and is ready to take on the responsibility as Store Manager in the new Belgian store.

It is an exciting journey that I am about to embark on, but I am also a bit nervous. It is a big store and a great happening with it being the 50th store. That gives me some extra nerves. But the whole team is looking forward to it. We are going to turn it into a fantastic store with good turnover and good figures,” says Binas.

Employee motivation as key

To become successful, Binas finds it important to have a satisfied team that knows their opportunities to grow in JYSK.

“In my opinion, it is key to create and maintain a healthy work atmosphere, where the team is happy when they go to work. In that sense, my finest responsibility is to motivate, coach, and guide the employees in our new store, because when the employees are happy, I believe that we are more likely to have satisfied customers,” says Binas.

Looking ahead with a new goal

The goal of 50 stores in Belgium was reached in just five years, and now it is time to set a new goal.

“In general, we have seen a real positive development in Belgium. I am very happy that we have just opened our 50th store. It was our goal. Now we must look ahead, and of course, the new goal is to reach 100 stores. I can say that, if everything goes as planned, we will open the next ten stores before 1 September 2023,” says Frank Christant, Country Manager in the Netherlands, Belgium and France.

Team Bilzen vs Lars Larsen
On the left, the team of JYSK Bilzen is opening store number 50 in Belgium in 2022. 
On the right, the founder of JYSK Lars Larsen is opening store number 1 in Belgium in 2017. 


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