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Around the world: Solar panels in Finland, employee running event in Poland, and tree planting in Serbia  

Date: 23/11/2023

Author: Laura Glintborg Mouritsen, Student Help, Communications


Every now and then, we round up recent events and activities from some of the JYSK countries. Check out the latest here. 

More solar panels installed in Finland 

In September, solar panels were installed on the roof of the JYSK store in Klaukkla, Finland. JYSK aims to increase its solar electricity yield, and during autumn, four more stores in Finland are set to generate fully renewable electricity directly from their own rooftops. The electricity generated is mainly used for lighting and ventilation.  

Solar panels in Finland
Solar panels on the roof of  JYSK in Klaukkla.

The journey of Customer Service in Greece  

Customer Service in JYSK Greece has developed significantly over the years, with a growing number of employees and customer inquiries. In 2015, there was only employee in the department. By 2023, the team has expanded to 13 employees. 

“I'm truly proud of what this team has achieved over the years and how well it is currently performing for the benefit of our customers. Now, we eagerly embark on the next eight years of growth and continued success,” says Stefanos Migas, who is Customer Service Manager in JYSK Greece CSC.

CSC team celebration

CSC team celebration

Poland organises internal integration event for employees  

JYSK Poland organised an internal running event at the distribution centre in Radomsko, where around 150 employees from various departments participated. The event aimed to enhance cooperation among the departments, including administration, store employees, and logistics. Beyond enhancing teamwork, the gathering also welcomed friends and family.

Employee Run in Radomsko

Employee Run in Radomsko

Azuga Trail Race in Romania

For the third year in a row, JYSK was the main sponsor of the Azuga Trail Race in Romania, a trail running competition that attracted a record number of more than 1,100 participants. 30 JYSK colleagues signed up for one of the four competition events: 13 km, 20 km, 31 km and a vertical race at sunset. For some of the colleagues, it was their first mountain run, and for others it was their second or third time. Many are eager to return next year to improve their performance.  


“JYSK for my green city” in Serbia 

As part of the “JYSK for my green city” initiative, the school yard at Nada Matić Primary School in Užice, Serbia has been enriched with various trees and plants. This initiative is dedicated to fostering environmental awareness and providing children with a more pleasant space to learn and play. ​​​​Serbia JYSK for my green city

​​​​Serbia JYSK for my green city

​​​​Serbia JYSK for my green city

Latest news

Deputy Store Managers meeting

Joint meeting of all Store Managers and Deputy Store Managers

15/04/2024 - The traditional meeting of all JYSK Store Managers was held in March. For the first time, all Deputy Store Managers also attended the joint meeting.

Customer Service meeting

Happy customers is the main goal

08/04/2024 - In March 2024, a group of Customer Service Managers met in Hungary to ensure even better service for JYSK customers.


JYSK celebrates two birthdays in one year

02/04/2024 - This year, JYSK has been in business for 45 years and at the same time JYSK Germany celebrates its 40th anniversary.

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