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Klavs Holm

Danish ambassador participates in Greek store opening

Дата: 06/02/2019

От: Martin Møller Aamand, Communications & PR Manager

Категория: Expansion

Klavs Holm, the Danish ambassador to Greece, cut the ribbon the the 23rd JYSK store in Greece.

Piraeus team
The team behind JYSK Piraeus were ready to welcome customers.

On 31 January, the more than 150,000 citizens of Piraeus, the port city of Athens, got a shortcut to Scandinavian design in their homes and gardens.

JYSK opened its 23rd store in the country, and Danish ambassador, Klavs Holm, cut the ribbon at the festive store opening, which attracted a lot of customers.

Denmark in Greece

In his speech to the customers that queued up to get hold of the great offers, the ambassador expressed his joy to find “a small piece of Denmark in Greece” and wished all the best for the new store.

“JYSK’s investment in Greece is a good thing both for Greece and for Denmark, and it proves JYSK’s trust in the Greek economy,” he said.

Along with customers, the ambassador had the opportunity to stroll inside the store, and he expressed his admiration for the interior and the layout of the new store.

Piraeus store opening
Customers lined up to get access to the many great offers.

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