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Great media interest in JYSK opening in Ireland

Дата: 04/01/2019

От: Martin Møller Aamand, Communications & PR Manager

Категория: Expansion

Irish Times
The Irish Times announces the news about JYSK opening in Ireland.

Both national and local media in Ireland have noticed that JYSK is coming to the green island in 2019 - with plans to create 200 jobs in 15 new stores.

The news that JYSK in April will open the first store in Ireland has received extensive media coverage this week.

The prospect of 200 new jobs in the planned 15 stores has drawn positive headlines on television and in radio as well as nationwide and local newspapers.

“We could not have dreamed of a better reception of JYSK in Ireland, even before we have opened our first store. Before this week, probably few Irish peopl had heard of JYSK, but now our name is really the talk of the town. This bodes well for the first store openings for April,” says Mikael Nielsen, Executive Vice President Retail.

The first customers will enter the stores on a very special date, namely 2 April, when JYSK celebrates its 40th anniversary.

Since Lars Larsen opened his first store in Aarhus in 1979, JYSK has grown to more than 23,000 employees in over 2,700 stores in 51 different countries.

Selected stories from the Irish media:

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