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JYSK Celje

Slovenia opens first 3.0 store with sleep event

Data: 04/03/2019

De: Martin Møller Aamand, Communications & PR Manager

Categorie: Attractive Stores

On Valentine’s Day, JYSK opened its first 3.0 store in Slovenia with a special event about sleep.

JYSK Celje

On 14 February 2019, Celje, the third-largest city in Slovenia, became home to the country’s first JYSK 3.0 store.

In addition to introducing the media to the new store concept, which has more inspirational room settings, wooden floor and better lighting, JYSK organised a panel discussion about the importance of sleep regarding quality of life.

One of the guest speakers was Dr. Leja Dolenc Grošelj, Head of the Center for Sleep Disorders at the Ljubljana Neurological Clinic.

JYSK Celje"Studies clearly show that sleep is extremely important for a good and positive mood, and a lack of sleep can create various mood disorders and also various forms of illnesses. Sleep is also disturbed by devices such as phones and tablets that emit harmful blue light, and for this reason, we also wake up more tired than otherwise,” says Dr. Leja Dolenc Grošelj.

Different sleeping cultures

Another guest speaker was Mitja Gregorič, President of Slovenian Society of Slovenian Friendship, who talked about the difference between people from Slovenia and Denmark, where JYSK was founded.

“The Danes pay more attention to the small daily rituals and to have enough time for themselves and things that make them happy. They provide optimal conditions for a quality and happy life, which naturally includes a good time for rest and sleep,” explains Mitja Gregorič, President of the Association of Slovenian and Danish Friendship.

The third guest was blogger Jure Marolt, who as a young father was very happy with his new mattress from JYSK, and Bernard Žarn moderated the discussion.

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