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JYSK named best-in-class by digital agency

Dátum: 02/07/2019

Author: Martin Møller Aamand, Communications & PR Manager

Kategória: Attractive Stores , E-Business , Seamless Cross Channel

Following extensive research, digital agency IMPACT has named JYSK’s omnichannel solutions best-in-class within the home interior category.

E-business team 848
The E-business team had a small get-together on a sunny Friday afternoon to celebrate the achievement.

The digital agency IMPACT, which specializes in online retail solutions, recently contacted Hanne Bang Vorre, E-business Director in JYSK, to let her know that JYSK has the best omnichannel solutions within the home interior category.

Omnichannel – which can be translated as “across all channels” – describes how easy it is for customers to shop in a company’s different sales channels. For instance, how easy it is to buy a product online and return it in a physical store.

Hanne Bang Vorre
Hanne Bang Vorre, E-business Director in JYSK.

"It is really cool to get this confirmation that we are doing very well."
- Hanne Bang Vorre, E-business Director in JYSK

“We are really happy that we have been named best-in-class, because many people do not necessarily think of JYSK when they think of omnichannel businesses. It is really cool to get this confirmation that we are doing very well, and that we are on the right course to become the best retailer at combining our online solutions with physical stores,” says Hanne Bang Vorre.

The digital agency IMPACT has made extensive research of JYSK’s and our competitor’s omnichannel solutions as well as mystery shopping in our physical stores, evaluated the findings, and scored all elements to finally name JYSK as best-in-class.

“The agency also made some findings that we need to improve to stay ahead of our competitors. Fortunately, these improvements were already in our scope, and they will become even more relevant in the coming months and years, as we continue to develop our digital business,” says Hanne Bang Vorre.

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