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Where is the most attractive store in JYSK?

Date: 28/01/2019

Author: Benedicte Loft Mortensen, Communications Coordinator

Category: Attractive Stores , Awards

Michael Olesen
Michael Olesen, Head of Retail Operation.

An international competition sets out to find the most attractive JYSK store across all JYSK Nordic countries.

In the middle of February, a new competition will kick off in all JYSK Nordic countries to find the most attractive store of all.

The purpose of the competition is to put increased focus on attractive stores – especially during the busy period when the store is getting ready for the outdoor season, and where there are many customers in the stores.  

“This is the first time ever we have such an international competition like this across all countries in JYSK Nordic. My expectations are high, and I look forward to seeing even more attractive stores than usual,” says Michael Olesen, Head of Retail Operation, who is the overall responsible for the competition.

Timeline of the competition

  • Week 7-10: District competition
  • Week 10-12: Region competition
  • Week 13-14: Country competition
  • Start May: Nordic competition
  • Follow the competition here at

The road to victory

Before choosing the final winner in May, each country will celebrate district and regional winners, who will move on to the international competition.

“My colleagues in the countries and I will visit all stores and evaluate the stores on different parameters, for example the look of the store, customer service and sales. I look forward to visiting as many stores as possible, and I hope that everyone will make a great effort to win this competition,” says Michael.

The team behind the most attractive store in JYSK will win a big prize to celebrate their victory.

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