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VIDEO: How to run a business during war

Date: 18/05/2022

Author: Martin Fyn Aamand, Communications & PR Manager, JYSK

Category: History , People

At the strategy kick-off meeting in Denmark in the beginning of May, Country Manager of JYSK Ukraine, Ievgenii Ivanytsia, gave an emotional status on the situation in his home country.

You could hear a pin drop to the ground. You could see eyes watering around the room. You could feel the intense attention to the words spoken.

As Ievgenii Ivanytsia, Country Manager of JYSK Ukraine, began his presentation for the 170+ colleagues gathered at HimmerLand in Denmark, the large conference room fell quiet.

Ievgenii calmly went through his slides, which told the story of a country at war and laid out the facts of what it is like to try to run a business in such uncertain times.

After his presentation, Ievgenii sat down with for a video interview.

Watch the video below:


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