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JYSK products in our own homes

Date: 23/08/2019

Author: Martin Fyn Aamand, Communications & PR Manager

Category: Product Assortment

See how your colleagues decorate their own home with JYSK products.

JYSK’s products are an important part of our daily work. And for many of us, they are also a part of our homes – used in our interior decorating in very different and personal ways.

Here you can get inspired by how some of your international colleagues have used JYSK products in their home.

Ágnes Nyeste, Hungary:

"Special features of the set are our son, Ervin and dog, Polly. We can say that the garden furniture is used every day and loved by everyone. Really can’t imagine our daily life without it, it is so cozy, comfortable, easy to clean and has great design!"

Ágnes Nyeste

Angelika, Slovakia:

Angelika Slovakia:


Kristina Stankova, Bulgaria:

Kristina Stankova

Mariella Suoniemi, Finland:

"The best place to enjoy late mornings with some coffee and good breakfast."

Mariella Suoniemi

Bouloumpasi Georgia, Greece:

My sofa VEJLBY with decorative pillows, like BRUDESPORE, KNAPPSIV and STENROS and the side table with decorative items, for example FREDE, BROR and HAAKON. I am very happy I have JYSK products in my house.

Bouloumpasi Georgia

Aleksandra Bernecka, Poland:

"Candles, textiles and plants dominate in my home. I love to surround myself with small pretty things. It gives me a feeling of warmth and coziness."

Aleksandra Bernecka

Aleksandra Bernecka Aleksandra Bernecka

Diana Wrochna, Poland:

"A picture of the UBBERUP chair, which I have for the third season. The chair is extremely comfortable and at the same time looks amazing inside and outside the house."

Diana Wrochna

Emilia Wardęga, Poland:

Emilia Wardęga

Ewa Kołłątaj, Poland:

Ewa Kołłątaj Ewa Kołłątaj

Ewa Kołłątaj

Joanna Kalinowska, Poland:

Joanna Kalinowska Joanna Kalinowska

Paweł Słoński, Poland:

"In the picture almost everything is from JYSK. Terrace tiles, chairs, table, pots hanging on a balustrade, large standing pots, candle. Balcony is only 2 square metres and this is my favorite place. Employee discount does the work 😉"

Paweł Słoński

Anca Deliu, Romania:

"I am happy to share with you my relaxing corner. Here, the rocking chair and the floor lamp team up with my passion for paintings made out of lichens."

Anca Deliu

Geanina Nedelcu, Romania:

Geanina Nedelcu

Geanina Nedelcu

Carina Eriksson, Sweden:

Carina Eriksson

Carina Eriksson

Madelene Andreen, Sweden:

Madelene Andreen

Madelene Andreen

Simona Marťáková, Slovenia:

"Inspirational decorations in my room with products from JYSK."

Simona Marťáková

Zuzana, Slovakia:

Zuzana Slovakia

Ihor Trubnikov, Ukraine:

Ihor Trubnikov

Ostap Labinskiy, Ukraine:


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