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Join the tour of JYSK Museum

Date: 10/01/2020

Author: Mikkel Barkler, Communications & PR

In the beginning of 2019, JYSK Museum was officially opened in the basement of the Head Office in Brabrand, Denmark.

The museum tells the entire history of JYSK and Lars Larsen – plus some items from other business adventures.

From the first store opening in Aarhus in 1979 and the first TV commercials from 1987 and to the opening of close to 3,000 stores in more than 50 different countries.

Join Carl Erik Stubkier, Media and Event Manager in JYSK, on a tour in the video below:

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25/02/2020 - By combining the selection in our physical stores with an even wider assortment online, JYSK is fulfilling customer needs and securing increased sales.

JYSK products in our own homes

JYSK products in our own homes

17/02/2020 - See how your colleagues decorate their own home with JYSK products.

One Day in JYSK - four colleagues share their workday (February 2020)

One Day in JYSK - four colleagues share their workday (February 2020)

13/02/2020 - With more than 23.000 colleagues across many different countries, no two workdays are the same in JYSK. We asked four JYSK colleagues to share photos from their workday on

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