Date: 07/05/2018

Author: Benedicte Loft Mortensen, Student Helper Communications & CSR

Category: People

Check out some of the best Instagram posts for the latest month.

Every month, we will go through all posts tagged with #GOJYSK on Instagram and collect some of the best ones here at However, you can find many more great posts yourself on Instagram.



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Latest news

David and Andrew

First winner of the #GOJYSK competition

24/05/2018 - Andrew Gillen, District Manager in JYSK UK, wins the first round of the JYSK Influencer competition on

JYSK team in Ireland

JYSK prepares expansion to Ireland

21/05/2018 - Ahead of plans to open in Ireland in April 2019, representatives of JYSK Nordic recently inspected the Irish market.

JYSK store front

All new JYSK stores will be 3.0 concept

17/05/2018 - More inspiration, better lighting and wooden floors will be among the improvements in new JYSK stores.

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