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представянето на градинския асортимент в България

Harmony - the most loved trend at the Garden Event in Bulgaria

Datum: 09/05/2019

Autor: Raluca Dascălu, Communications and PR Manager

Kategorie: Product Assortment

For the second year, the Bulgarian journalists and bloggers were invited to a Scandinavian summer evening where they could test and admire the new JYSK Spring/Summer garden furniture collection. 100 journalists attended the event, despite the bad weather that took over the entire country


If you know the kids song “Rain, Rain, Go Away”, then you know what our thoughts were during the week that preceded the event. The weather report didn’t look good at all, so we changed the event’s location one week before the event. We moved to a cosy garden that also had a summer tent, a place where we could go and hide in case of heavy rain.  

Luckily for us, the day we have all been waiting for had come and the sky looked promising. After a full day of assembling furniture, decorating lounge sets, garden sets and sun loungers, the first guests finally showed up at the entrance. And it was 15 minutes before the hour written on the invitation. 

Guests taking photos at the garden event in Bulgaria



Soon, the small garden and the summer tent form Motto bar, downtown Sofia, was full of guests that looked forward to getting into the summer spirit. The event was called “It’s Time for Summer”, and this is exactly what we wanted to offer them: an experience that starts the summer season in Bulgaria. Some of our guests were accompanied by their children, who loved to take photos in all the corners if the garden.

The guests were introduced to the new season trends – Sunbaked, Nordic Light and Harmony and to the highlights of our new garden collection like the BAMLE range made of bamboo or the BEDER furniture range with a retro-inspired design. They also learned more informations about the expansion plans of JYSK Bulgaria and the successful results from last year. 


  • Over 100 guests
  • 12 lounge sets, 5 garden sets and 10 lounge furniture where presented
  • 400 decorations, 200 artificial plants, 100 cushions and pillows were used
  • 7 colleagues from the store helped with the setup
  • Over 500 photos were taken


The three new trends of this summer were in the spotlight. We even had three cocktails named after the new trends. We also invited the guests to vote their favorite trends and gave three of the guests the possibility to win a set of decoration from their favorite trend.

“This season’s trends will help you enjoy the summer sun outdoors. All three of them are meant to help you create a hygge atmosphere and to be closer to nature, which is a hallmark not only of Scandinavian design, but also of the Scandinavian way of thinking and living”, said Georgi Vasilev, District Manager JYSK Bulgaria.

78 guests voted for their favorite trend: 33 votes went for Harmony, 28 for Nordic Light and 17 for sunbaked. Maya Petrova, HR Business Partner JYSK, made the random drawing and announced the lucky winners who left the event with a set of decorations from their favorite trend.

JYSK Bulgaria team



Speaking in front of the journalists, Alex Bratu, Country Manager JYSK Romania and Bulgaria, and Maya Petrova, HR Business Partner Distribution Center in Bozhurishte, talked about our expansion plans in Bulgaria.

"We are pleased that there are more and more fans of Scandinavian design. We can also see this from the last year’s results. In Bulgaria, our plans are to open at least 5 other JYSK stores by the end of August, to increase the positive growth of the financial year 2017/2018 and to keep the current expansion rate”, said Alexandru Bratu, Country Manager for Romania and Bulgaria.

Garden set-ul with UBBERUP lounge set

"The company is developing steadily and we strive daily to offer better service and quality to our customers. The truth, however, is that we also strive for our employees. We are looking for people who like the challenges. The distribution center in Bozhurishte gives us the opportunity to be in the same place with all the colleagues who work both in the administration and in the logistics base", said Maya Petrova, HR Business Partner.


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