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JENNET and TRYGVE help with charity in Serbia

Дата: 28/06/2019

Author: Martin Fyn Aamand, Communications & PR Manager

Категорія: CSR , Product Assortment

A simple setup with JENNET clothes racks and TRYGVE hangers on the streets of Belgrade made it easy for people to donate clothes to each other.

Serbia eventInstead of throwing them away, the citizens of Belgrade recently had the opportunity to give away their extra clothes to other people in need.

By putting up JENNET clothes racks and TRYGVE hangers at two locations in the Serbian capital, JYSK offered people a chance to do a good deed for the community.

“We wanted to make it easy for people to help each other. So we came up with this idea that included our own products, but used them in a different and eye-catching way,” says Zvjezdana Novak, Sales & Marketing Manager for JYSK in West Balkan.

The simple event resulted in a lot of media attention, which helped attract more people to the event. JYSK is now considering expanding the event to other cities in Serbia.

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