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Annual Report

Stories from the past year: Annual Report 21/22

25/11/2022 - Every year as we announce the results for the past financial year we also publish our Annual Report, which you can read here.

Jan Bøgh

JYSK again delivers record results

24/11/2022 - In his preface to the annual report, under the headline "Strong values during turbulent year", President & CEO Jan Bøgh looks back at the past year in JYSK.


51 Ukrainian colleagues have found a new home

22/11/2022 - Since the war in Ukraine started, JYSK’s main priority has been to help the Ukrainian colleagues.


JYSK celebrates new DC in Hungary

18/11/2022 - On Friday 4 November 2022, JYSK’s new, state-of-the-art distribution centre in Ecser, Hungary, was officially inaugurated.

Behind the scenes in Proud to be JYSK campaign

Magda, Marianna, and Svante are new JYSK stars

16/11/2022 - A new employer branding campaign showcase the lives of three JYSK employees with everything from work and interests to friends and families.

JYSK employees save on energy

JYSK saves on energy

14/11/2022 - JYSK takes responsibility and saves on energy across all countries. This includes a decrease in electricity usage and control of temperature regulating appliances.

Anca and her store won and improved turnover

Anca and her store won and improved turnover

11/11/2022 - A strong sales attitude brings great results. This is why JYSK decided to award the store with the best sales attitude in each country. Now you can meet one of these stores.

Fem JYSK-medarbejdere til Master Case Challenge

Students give JYSK new ideas for growth

08/11/2022 - Almost 1,000 students participated in this year's Master Case Challenge at Aarhus University in September. The winners could present their proposed solutions to part of JYSK's Executive Management Team.

JYSK colleagues

ESS results lead to concrete actions in Norway

07/11/2022 - JYSK Norway has been able to improve employee satisfaction with the ESS results.