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Top 11: Here are the most attractive stores in JYSK

Date: 13/05/2019

Author: Martin Fyn Aamand, Communications & PR Manager

Category: Attractive Stores

Sorø team
Store Mananger Majken Musen (second from left) with her team.

The most attractive stores in JYSK Nordic's countries have been found.

For the past months, extra attention has been paid to welcoming customers inside attractive JYSK stores.

In an internal competition, the most attractive store in each district was found, then the regional winners were selected, and now one store in each organisation has been announced.

In Denmark, the JYSK store in Sorø came in on first place ahead of the 105 other stores. Store Manager Majken Musen and her team are happy with the news.

"It feels good to win, but really all it takes is good manners and dedication. As well as a great team, who believe in the task and are aware that it takes hard work to win such a competition," says Majken, who has soon been with JYSK for 20 years.

Even with the title secured, it still takes more to impress customers.

"We have had some customers, who did not believe that we have the most attractive store in Denmark. They asked to see a diploma or a trophy, but I think we are getting one soon. Our customers are used to visiting our attractive store, so their expectations are very high in general," explains Majken.

Sorø outside Sorø bedlinen

Sorø towels Sorø stockroom


Majken was actually a little in doubt whether or not to engage her team in the competition, because she knows how much extra work it takes. In 2003, her store was Store of the Year in Denmark.

But her team convinced her that it was time to renew the title from 2003 with one from 2019.

That mission is now accomplished, and Sorø will move on to the next part of the competition to fight for the prestigious title as JYSK Nordic's Most Attractive Store. The winner will be announced later in May.

"I am happy they convinced me to participate, and now we are of course hoping to win the overall competition. That would be pretty cool," says Majken.

For their efforts with securing Denmark's most attractive store, Majken and her team will go on a trip together somewhere in Denmark.

Top-11: The most attractive stores in jysk

  • Denmark - Sorø
  • Sweden - Ingelsta, Norrköping
  • Norway - Sunndalsøra
  • Finland - Huittinen
  • Romania/Bulgaria - Brasov 3
  • Hungary/Greece - Trikala
  • West Balkan - Sisak
  • Poland - Grudziadz
  • Czech Republic/Slovakia - Praha, Cerny Most
  • Netherlands/Belgium - Hoogeveen
  • Ukraine - Lavina Kyiv


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