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Lidija from Skopje

From SA to HR: Meet Lidija from JYSK Franchise in North Macedonia

Datum: 16/03/2020

Author: Mikkel Barkler, Communications & PR

Kategorie: Franchise

Less than four years ago, Lidija Pavlovska joined our JYSK Franchise family. She is already one of the best Sales Assistants in North Macedonia and a great ambassador of JYSK.

A job in JYSK is a path to an ambitious career. Whether it being in our stores, distribution centres or offices around the world, the possibilities are endless. Lidija Pavlovska from JYSK Franchise in North Macedonia is a great example of how dedication equals more responsibilities.

“I applied for the job in JYSK, because I heard many good things from my friend who already worked there. Since I got the job as Sales Assistant, I can see why she encouraged me to apply for a job in JYSK,” says Lidija and adds:

“I love the brand and the products that we offer, and I enjoy making our stores feel like home for our colleagues and customers.” 

Lidija helps new colleagues with the JYSK concept
Lidija introduces new colleagues to the JYSK concept

Great JYSK ambassador

Since her first day in JYSK, Lidija has shown that she is a natural representative of the JYSK values, which has brought along some new responsibilities as well.  

“All of our new colleagues, no matter what position they are in, are taking brief training with me to understand the JYSK vision, mission, values and the goals we strive to achieve,” says Lidija and adds:

“This contains a few days tour in all of our three stores with a detailed explanation of the products and offers, but also meeting up with colleagues and getting to know and understand the corporate culture.”   


Next step is HR 

Lidija helps new colleagues feel welcome
Lidija helps new colleagues feel welcome

As JYSK plans to expand from the existing three stores in North Macedonia over the years, great JYSK ambassadors like Lidija play a key role in sharing the JYSK values in the new stores as well.

“My biggest responsibility is to constantly leave a good example for my team and be their friend, not just a colleague,” says Lidija.

Being a good example is something Lidija will be able to do more of in the future, as she is about to become an HR Consultant. 

“The first impression is always important, and that is why I enjoy being the person welcoming new colleagues to JYSK – I want to give them the same impression I got, when I first started.” 

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