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Maria from Greece

One Week with... Maria Mavri from Greece

22/02/2018 - Sales Assistant Maria Mavri from Greece has chosen to share a week in her life through pictures and short descriptions. Maria works in a JYSK store in Elliniko in Athen.

Carsten Nørgreen Weinkouff

"We design and build our stores"

19/02/2018 - What is it that Retail Development does? In a series of articles, we will investigate what the department responsible for JYSK's store concepts is actually doing.

Jørgen Lund

”I have never had time to feel restless”

16/02/2018 - Jørgen Lund saw 2017 off with a new title as Executive Vice President Sales & Expansion at JYSK. With the title, he has become part of the top management in the company where he began working as an apprentice 23 years ago.

Actona Factory in China

Internal focus on responsibility is important

13/02/2018 - In order to make a difference for the people who make our products, we need to have the right mindset. Therefore, the work with BSCI should be visible.

Tanja Ammentorp

Global customer service system secures great service and internal optimisation

07/02/2018 - Investments in a global customer service system puts JYSK in front row when it comes to great customer service.

Distribution centre Bozhurishte

Bulgarian distribution centre growing in the snow

05/02/2018 - See aerial photos from the construction site in Bozhurishte, Bulgaria.