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19/10/2017 -

HR and Retail Managers in Budapest

HR Managers compete in employer branding

19/10/2017 - During a gathering in Budapest, HR Managers from JYSK Nordic’s different countries tested their skills in employer branding.

JYSK car

It is raining cars

16/10/2017 - Top Store Managers in West Balkan, Hungary and Denmark have been awarded with company cars for their impressive results in the financial year.

Rickom Goertz iz Nizozemske

One week with... Rick Goertz from The Netherlands

12/10/2017 - Store Manager Rick Goertz from The Netherlands has chosen to share a typical week in his life through pictures and short descriptions. Rick is working in a JYSK store in Houten.

Celebration in Finland

Finnish store celebrates record annual turnover

09/10/2017 - The store in Oulu Limingantulli in Finland reached the highest annual turnover ever seen in the country.

Charity in Poland

Victims of violent storms in Poland receive help from JYSK

05/10/2017 - JYSK colleagues in Poland joined forces to organise a charity activity in August for victims of a series of violent storms in the city Chojnice, in the northern part of Poland.