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MYCAREER manages your personal development

日期: 11/01/2019

作者: Christoffer Skjødt, Communications Intern

类别: Careers & HR , People , Technology

MYCAREER mobileAt the beginning of 2019, all employees at JYSK get access to MYCAREER, which is a digital way to manage their personal development plan.

"I have personally become astonished at how much I get out of MYCAREER, which has a simple startup and is easy to use in the working day. I have installed the app on my mobile and therefore I have the opportunity to follow and evaluate my own and my colleagues’ development wherever I am."

That is the evaluation from Tuomas Oksanen, who is Store Manager in Oulu (Ritaharju), Finland. Since October 2018, he has had MYCAREER on trial to help with the personal development plans in his store.

Edyta Szleser, Sales Assistant from Elk in Poland.

Edyta Szleser, Sales Assistant from Elk in Poland, has also tested MYCAREER. Both Edyta and Tuomas agree that MYCAREER has made personal development plans more simple and efficient.

"I use the system every day to set goals for store activity and individual development. I can very clearly see where I will reach my goals and where I have to spend more time working to reach them," says Edyta.

Tuomas Oksanen, Store Manager in Oulu (Ritaharju), Finland.

Available all the time

From March 2019, MYCAREER will be rolled out to all their colleagues throughout JYSK, and according to Tuomas and Edyta, they can look forward to a new and mobile help system in their working day.

"MYCAREER is a huge improvement in the field of feedback and conversations about development plans. Now I can very easily set goals for my employees, always have an overview of the development, and provide feedback to them," says Toumas.

MYCAREER is available, wherever and whenever the employees want it. This is because the system is available on all devices - also the smartphone.

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