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Date: 11/01/2022

Author: Anders Græsbøll Buch, Communications Consultant, JYSK

42-year-old Dirk Laurisch from the JYSK store in Berlin-Friedrichshain, Germany, brings team spirit to the comment section at He sees a lot of positive effects of One JYSK.

Dirk Laurisch
Dirk Laurisch works in JYSK in Berlin-Friedrichshain, Germany.

“That’s great!”, “That was a damn good day. Thanks!”, “GO! GO! GO! We are JYSK!”

Some of you have probably noticed the name “DIRKIDIRK” in the comment section on Since August 2021, he has posted no fewer than 21 comments to the different articles, and DIRKIDIRK has thereby deserved the unofficial title as “’s top commenter”.

“I really like I started to read it last summer, as the Rebranding Germany was coming. I saw the comment function, and I thought ‘Why is no one commenting?’. Then I just started to write comments,” says 42-year-old Dirk Laurisch, who is the person behind the username DIRKIDIRK.

In JYSK since 2009

Dirk has worked in JYSK since 2009, and the longest period in one store was 8 years in his hometown store in Frankfurt (Oder), Germany.

The city is divided in two with Germany on the west side of the river Oder and Poland on the east side. At that time, it was a DÄNISCHES BETTENLAGER on the German side, and JYSK at Polish side.

“That was two very different stores that did not have much in common. But with the rebranding to JYSK, it has changed, and now it is very clear to me that the stores are from the same company,” says Dirk.

Feeling closer to the international team in JYSK has given him the motivation to write comments and he hopes that more people will join him in the future.

“I like that you also get the feeling of the connection to other JYSK countries and hear what is happening in JYSK around the world. I do not understand why more people are not writing comments,” says Dirk.

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Dirkidirk Berlin greets GO JYSK. Keep it up. 😁🔝😁 🇩🇰↔️🇩🇪
Christian Thats the spirit! :D
Dazydaze Ein schöner Mann, mit noch schöneren Kommentaren :)
HR-Jimbo Great work Dirk! A true star, keep it up! Very motivating to see your passion! ❤️❤️❤️

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